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Chimney Tuck Pointing

There's still time to repair that crumbling chimney while having it cleaned for top efficiency. Ledegar Roofing Company is a member of the National Chimney Guild, servicing La Crosse, Winona and surrounding areas.
Chimney Tuck Pointing When you have loose or broken bricks in your home's chimney, you may have problems with yourTuck pointing a damaged and potentially dangerous chimney chim…

Chimney Sweep and Inspection

Are you confident that your chimney or wood stove is safe going into the heating season? Chimney sweep, repair and inspection is available by Ledegar Roofing of La crosse WI.
Chimney Sweep and Inspection Along with rising heat costs, more and more people are starting to use their wood stoves and fireplaces. It is important to stay on top of the main…

Do You Have Roof Hail Damage?

If a storm turns into hail, be sure to give us a call. Hail damage presents serious problems for residential roofing. Know how to select the best roofing contractor.
Do You Have Roof Hail Damage? If your car has hail damage or your neighbor's roof has hail damage, it's likely your roof may also have hail damage following a storm. Hail Da…