Chimney Tuck Pointing

Whether your chimney needs to be repaired with tuck pointing or rebuilt, Ledegar' chimney department services both commercial and residential properties.

Chimney Problems We Can Correct For YouCommercial chimney rebuild_Ledegar Roofing Company.jpg

  • Missing or loose bricks
  • Leaning chimneys
  • Tuck point mortar around bricks
  • Install metal chimney caps, flashings
    & crowns

Sometimes the weak point of the chimney can be under the existing roofing with weak bricks and mortar joints. A chimney can weight anywhere from 350-5000 lbs and that is not something you want to fall on or through your roof.

An inspection identifies issues before damage  and expenses occur and can help prevent problems. 

Preventing Roof or Chimney Issues Related to Birds

Your roof protects your home and your investments inside. Making sure all of its components nest in chimney.jpgare in excellent condition and protected from nature and animals can be difficult. We can help you control birds descending frequently on your rooftop and leaving problems for you to clean up. We help you by installing pigeon spikes to control birds and the attraction to high perches - especially your chimney and roof.

Contact us or request an estimate. We can provide you with an assessment of your chimney's condition and controlling birds being attracted to your home.