Chimney Sweep and Inspection

Feb 03, 2012

Chimney Sweep and Inspection

Along with rising heat costs, more and more people are starting to use their wood stoves and fireplaces. It is important to stay on top of the maintenance, as solid fuel burning appliances require more frequent inspection and maintenance than oil, or gas appliances. It is important to keep your appliance clean not just for safety, but also for the efficiency of the appliance as well.

Typical recommendations by most fireplace manufacturers state that a fireplace should be inspected and swept at least once a year, and some say every two months of burning.

Dirty Chimneys Increase Fire Risk

You may not know it from the outside, but over time and use of your chimney or wood stove, creosote will build up. This is dangerous for a few reasons:

Creosote and tar are highly flammable; if not properly maintained a spark can ignite this debris and cause a chimney fire causing damage to the fireplace, chimney, flue, or worst case scenario start your home on fire.
images of chimney blockagesCreosote is a highly acidic by product that can cause erosion of metal flue connectors, as well as mortar joints in clay flue liners. It can also erode the interior components of the fireplace such as the damper assembly, throat, or smokes shelve. Because of the damaging nature of the byproduct "creosote" we recommend having your chimney cleaned in the spring rather than the fall to help prolong the life of the components of your fireplace and chimney.
chimney sweep diagramIf the flue isn't maintained regularly, it can cause the air passage through the chimney to be reduced causing smoke and poisonous carbon monoxide to spill into your home. Typically the air passage becoming blocked is caused by improper burning; whether it is from burning wood that is too green, too dry, or simply improper use of the fireplace from lack of familiarity of the system.

When you call our service department, we will ask you for information about the history of the fireplace, any issues that you may be having, and accessibility of the chimney. We can usually give a ballpark estimate over the phone.

Our main goal is to make you as a homeowner safe, and knowledgeable on your system. Click here to read answers to your questions, including what to expect during a cleaning and how to prepare.

In addition to cleaning the inside of your chimney, Ledegar also provides chimney tuck pointing services. During your inspection, any issues with your chimney's exterior will be discussed as well as recommendations made.

Call today for your inspection and cleaning to be sure your home and family are safe.

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