Lifetime Roofing Systems

Jun 19, 2014

What You Can Expect When Choosing a Better System

You may have heard the phrase “lifetime roof” when researching your roofing options or discussing them with a contractor. But what does it really mean?

Does it make sense to invest more upfront and what payback can you expect over the life of your building?

Options for a Sloped Roof

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Any roofing system that is guaranteed to last 50 years, a roof that you won’t have to think about again,
is considered a lifetime roof. 
Here are some options:


Options for a Flat Roof


Although there aren’t any flat roofing systems guaranteed for 50 years or more, there are options that are better than others: 

The Benefits of a Better Roofing System: 

  • One and Done! Not withstanding natural disasters or negligence, you can expect your lifetime roof to last the life of your building. No one likes having construction crews on their properties every 10-15 years, disrupting business and landscaping. Choose the best roof and you will not have these concerns again.

  • Best return on investment over the life of your building. When deciding which roof is best for you, let Ledegar help you calculate Life Cycle Costing to get the most for your money. 

    Compare Your Annual Roofing Costs*

Metal Roofing

    A metal roof may cost
$15,000 today
and last 50 years


Shingle Roofing

         A shingle roof may       
cost $10,000 today
and last 12 years


Hot Tar Roofing

    A hot tar roof may
cost $30,000 today
     and last up to 50 years


         Ballasted Rubber Roofing    

         A ballasted rubber roof     
may cost $13,000
and last 10 years

*The examples above are in examples of typical costs for roofing only and do not include any potential energy cost savings. Actual costs are dependent upon your roofing project size.

While deciding which type of roof you will be putting on your building, it is important to be well informed. At Ledegar Roofing, we pride ourselves in our education and knowledge of all roofing systems. And, it is important to us that each customer has all important information and is comfortable before making their final decisions. Read here, then give us a call:

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