Rooftop Snow - Remove or not?

Feb 26, 2019

With a lot of conflicting information out there, many homeowners are unsure if it is necessary to remove rooftop snow or not.
Hopefully this article will help clear things up.

When snow removal is recommended

Flat or low sloped roofs:

Heavy snow can cause a lot of issues for flat or low sloped rooftops, including clogged drains and even structural damage. Professional roofing contractors will have the equipment and knowledge to remove the ice and snow safely without any harm to your surface. 

Ice damming_icicles.jpg

Ice damming:

Although the snow is not the culprit for ice damming issues, removing snow around the edges of your roof where icicles are forming may prevent exterior and interior damages. An inspection of your attic space for insulation deficiencies or anything else causing heat loss can be performed by a Ledegar professional at the time of the service call.

Leave snow in place

Pitched roofs are designed to withstand a lot of weight. Building codes require roofs withstand 25-35lbs per square foot depending on the pitch. That equates to 3 feet of fresh snow or 1 foot of packed snow. The weight of a person on a roof to remove snow is much more harmful to the structure than the snow itself. Read more here from a structural engineer...

Safety first

Whether you have a flat roof or ice damming issues, snow removal without the right experience and equipment is dangerous. Call a professional to make sure your property and your personal safety remain in tact. Our crews are ready to help.  


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