Attic Insulating and Inspections

The attic is one of the largest sources of potential energy loss and often one of the most neglected areas when it comes to insulation. The good news is that with a proper inspection and correction of problem areas, there will be immediate paybacks.

No matter the season, heat rises. In the wintertime the effort you put into heating your building will be "going through the roof" with an under insulated attic. Some estimates say that 25% of energy is lost through roofs with inadequate insulation in their attic space. Extreme temperature changes can also cause excessive attic condensation when your attic space isn't properly insulated or ventilated. Learn more here.

Attic insulation also plays a key role during the summer. Under insulated attics can get unbearably hot during the summer months, even reaching as high as 150 degrees. This heat warms the entire structure of your building making your air conditioner work harder, increasing your energy bill and increasing wear on your air conditioner.

You can easily stop this with the correct amount of attic insulation and proper ventilation.

Spotting attic insulation problems on your roof and identifying heating loss.

Spotting a Problem

In the winter, with lower temperatures, it can be easy to spot insulation problems in your attic. Snow and frost-striping of your roof, shown on the image to the right, can be an indicator of inadequate insulation, improper ventilation and possibly other problems.

Other indicators you should have your attic inspected are:

  • Your home was constructed prior to 1978
  • Your home has an "R-Value" less than 40
  • Icicles form in the winter
  • Cooling costs are higher in the summer than in similar homes
  • You have had a roof leak (wet insulation lowers the R-value)
  • Bathroom and other vents aren't vented through roof but into attic

Attic Insulation Inspection

Roof open to show attic insulation.

 An attic insulation inspection from your roofing contractor is where you begin. Roofing contractors have an advantage with the correct tools, experience and if you are in the process of replacing or adding a new roof, the cost savings is there for you as we can access your attic and insulation through the roof much more economically.

Even if you are not in the middle of a new or replacement roofing project, roofing heat loss from insufficient attic insulation can be corrected.

Adding attic insulation will get your roofing back to protecting you and your valuables, keeping you warm and reduce your heating and energy costs.

What To Expect

Inspection of attic insulation and checking amount, rvalue to prevent roofing problems.During the attic insulation inspection we will check the ventilation, R-Value present, any gaps or voids in the insulation, examine kitchen and bathroom vents to make sure they are going all the way through the roof (not just in to the attic), and we can inspect skylights or the chimney when they are tied to the roof to ensure those are not leaking and are structurally sound. We also verify the soffit venting is clear and not blocked by insulation.

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