Coatings for flat and sloped surfaces

There are many reasons why coatings are used on building surfaces. And while there are many options available, a tested and proven high quality product, professionally applied, provides a reliable way to protect, preserve, restore and repair.

A solution to common problems: 

Leaks and water intrusion

Leaks occur most often at seams and joints. A coatings application may be able to resolve this type of deficiency without a full roof replacement. 

Color change or enhancement

Whether time and mother nature has faded our building’s exterior or you want to change the color entirely, coatings can accomplish this easily.  GAF_Reliable_Coating_metal-color.jpg  

Energy-saving surfaces

To comply with cool roof ordinances, reduce greenhouse emissions or to decrease your own energy costs, reflective coatings may be the answer.  

Avoid business interruptions

An entire roof replacement can cause costly shutdowns and possible hazards. Reliable non-toxic coatings prevent occupancy disruptions and other undesirable effects.

Budget or time constraints

When the deficiencies in your metal roof are only on the surface, a professional coatings application can save you a lot of money over a roof replacement. Coatings are also applied very quickly in most cases and can be completed in a short time.