Residential Maintenance Program

Periodic inspections to give your roof its maximum life expectancy.

What does this involve?

home inspection.jpg

A timely "on the roof" analysis in which our professional team takes core samples to detect r-value, vapor barriers, and overall insulation quality, as well as photographs to document the roof's upkeep and possible problem areas, for early detection screening and quick repair.

Why have periodic roof inspections?
Everything you care about is under the roof of your home.

Did you know, that for every $1 you spend on your roof leak, there is an average of $12 dollars in interior damages waiting to happen if the roof fails? Ledegar Roofing prides itself in early detection methods that stops the problem before it starts. Moisture trapped in your system due to leaks or condensation and seemingly normal weather can lower your R-value and/or increase the potential for black mold without you knowing, until it is too late. Our preventative roofing maintenance program takes all precautions to maximize the life of your roof and catch problems before they occur.

How often should your roof be inspected?

We recommend inspection at least once a year and all it takes is your request for an estimate or a quick phone call to set up your initial consultation. Ledegar Roofing then schedules your inspection for follow up visits, once in the Spring and again in the Fall, if necessary, to look for obvious deficiencies and possible problem areas. After a thorough analysis, our team provides you with an inspection report, photographs, and our recommendations for necessary upkeep.

How much does the Ledegar Roofing Maintenance Program cost?

The cost of the RMP (Roof Maintence Program) will depend on the size of your roof. After our experts determine the square footage of your roof, other key details of your roof's requirements, and composition, we can provide you with an accurate annual maintenance rate.