Cool Solutions for Flat or Sloped Roofs

Energy and Environment Saving Choices

A cool roof is one that reflects the sun's heat and emits absorbed radiation back into the atmosphere. Cool roofs offer both immediate and long-term savings in building energy costs. Here are other benefits:

  • Reduce building heat-gain
  • Enhance the life expectancy of both the roof membrane and the building's cooling equipment.
  • Improve thermal efficiency of the roof insulation; this is because as temperature increases, the thermal conductivity of the roof's insulation also increases.
  • Reduce the demand for electric power by as much as 10 percent on hot days.
  • Reduce resulting air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Provide energy savings, even in northern climates on sunny (not necessarily "hot") days.
  • Mitigate the Urban Heat Island effect where you live

Cool Metal Roofing

As more and more businesses and homeowners are looking to reduce costs, the use of energy-saving building materials are being used more frequently. At the top of that list is cool metal roofing.

Reflective graphic.png


When choosing a metal roof, in most cases, that will be the last roof you will ever have to put on! And, with growths in technology, you no longer have to have a white roof to have a cool roof. In fact, there are dozens of color options available now with the same reflective and energy-saving qualities that only white roofs had in the past.

Metal roofing products are manufactured with a significant recycled content. Added with the fact that a metal roof removes the need to add to the landfills with asphalt shingles every 10-20 years, doing your part to improve the environment is just another bonus!

Cool Flat Roofs

Using a professional, thorough company such as Ledegar Roofing is essential when installing any flat roofing system. A poorly installed flat roof, or using subpar, cheap materials may cause headaches for owners of buildings with flat roofs. Properly installed and properly maintained, FLAT ROOFS SHOULD NOT LEAK!

Depending upon your location in the country and other situations, a reflective, white or light membrane may be an option if you are also looking to save energy and money in the long run. There are many things to consider when choosing the right system for your building. An expert from Ledegar will discuss with you this list of considerations and help you make an informed decision.

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