Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC

PVC is a trusted membrane that has been providing decades of waterproofing protection. This type of single ply roofing system is durable with heat-welded seams, is highly reflective, has superior physical attributes and is resistance to water, chemicals, grease, fire and punctures.


PVC roofing is available in a variety of thicknesses and can offer solutions for virtually any low-slope roofing specification. Assembly methods include Mechanically Attached and Fully Adhered applications.

Warranties for PVC roofing systems range from up to 15 years for 50 mil standard, up to 20 years for 60 mil standard and up to 25 years for 80 mil standard membranes, with warranties up to 30 years for specially reinforced PVC membranes.

Available colors are white, gray and tan, with the reflective white PVC membranes having energy saving benefits.

Energy Efficient and Sustainable

Energy costs continue to rise, which is why the need for an energy-efficient roof system is more important than ever. A properly insulated PVC roof system can help building owners reduce their air-conditioning costs in the warmer months no matter where their building is located. Benefits of bright white PVC membranes include:

  • ENERGY-STAR® qualification
  • Contribute toward LEED® credit requirements
  • Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC)-rated


For buildings with visible roofs, gray and tan PVC membranes can help with building aesthetics.
Custom-ordered colors are also available (minimum quantities required for custom orders).