Clay Tile

Proven Long-term Durability

The roof is arguably the single most exposed face of any structure. It has to withstand rain, ice, ultraviolet light and, increasingly, the effects of damaging acids caused by the atmosphere pollution. All the more reason for consumers to choose a natural roofing product that is able to sustain these harsh elements and still mellow and improves with age. Not only will clay roof tile hold an authentic time worn appeal, but its low maintenance cost will mean that its whole life cost is relatively low—a factor which consumers should certainly consider when comparing the costs of different roofing materials.


Clay tile has proven its long-term durability and life cycle over thousands of years of use. The Coliseum in Rome boasts original clay tiles over 2,000 years after they were installed. This material is fire resistant, able to withstand harsh chemicals, is not susceptible to biological degradation and is not affected by extremes of heat or cold. These properties combined with the fact that clay tiles are a natural and sustainable product, 100% recyclable upon removal, make them an ideal roofing option for new build and re-roofing projects.

The inherently vibrant colors combined with the variations from the kiln firing process produce a naturally brilliant color palette. Their color is permanent and unlike other materials, does not fade over time. 

One of the greatest challenges to architects, planners and designers must be to consider not only how the building will look in the immediate future, but also how it will look in 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 100 years’ time. This is the greatest legacy that they can bequeath to future generations—an architecture that is as beautiful, if not more so, in decades to come as it was when first constructed.

Modern manufacturing techniques can also produce colors that achieve a reflectivity rating of 25 or better, qualifying them as Energy Star compliant products, as well as giving them an SRI rating of 29 or better for compliance with LEED standards.

Another option is composite tile roofing.  This product offers the appearance of genuine tile, a lifetime of durability and a lighter weight load to accommodate any structure.

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