Commercial Standing Seam Metal


The standing seam metal roof is one of the best choices for sloped roofing needs. It fulfills the building owner's need for durable, puncture-resistant protection against the weather while offering an aesthetically attractive solution with a variety of colors to choose from.   
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Although one of the biggest reasons for choosing asphalt shingles over metal for a sloped roof is the initial price, a metal roof will actually cost less over the life of your building.  Plus, energy saving benefits will also add to your bottom line.

The Ledegar Difference

Radius_Standing_Seam_metal_on_Holiday_Inn_6.jpgLedegar Roofing is the area's standing seam metal experts. We provide on-site custom fabrication to accommodate the most unique details.  And, Ledegar Roofing uses a heavier gauge metal than most other companies.   The most common style installed by Ledegar Roofing is a 1 1/2" high double locked seam, though several different styles are available. Standing seam metal can be fabricated and installed from steel, aluminum, or copper to fit your needs. 

Ledegar's difference is in the details.  Learn more.

Return On Your Investment

As you are planning and budgeting for the next roof on your commercial property, there are many factors to consider.  Life cycle costing is just one of those factors.  The professional commercial roofing project managers at Ledegar Roofing are experienced and educated in all roofing systems and can advise you as you make your decisions.  

Myths about Metal Roofs

Do you have concerns about rust, noise or other factors you may have heard about metal roofs?
Read the facts, then contact us for a free estimate.