Composite roofing

Environmentally friendly with unmatched durability

 If you want the look of natural slate or clay tile, but your building can't support the weight or your wallet can't support the investment, composite roofing is what you are looking for.

EcoStar Majestic synthetic slate.jpgThe first thing a roof needs to do is protect you from the elements.  Also important to many is leaving as small of an environmental footprint as possible.  Composite roofing covers both.

Composite, or synthetic, roofing tiles are one of the most durable products on the market today. It is manufactured from up to 80% recycled material and is 100% recyclable after removal.  It offers superior protection from heavy rains, hail and high winds. Most composite roofing materials have a Class A fire rating and feature Class 4 impact-resistance. 

Watch this video as one homeowner with a composite roof has the only home left undamaged after a hail storm.

Quarrix_CompositeTileHouse_w-photo-credit-header.jpgComposite roofing tiles offer the look of genuine slate, clay tile or wood shake without the heavy weight and expense that come with these natural materials.  Because innovations in manufacturing have made them virtually indistinguishable from the natural roofing materials, composites have earned approval for use in historic preservation projects.

Composite roofing is relatively new to the market so it is important to know which manufacturers have a proven track record.  Ledegar Roofing is a proud installer of Eco Star, the only composite roofing manufacturer with a 20 year record of success.  All manufacturers offer a 50 year product warranty, plus a 20 year watertight warranty.

Ledegar Roofing is experienced in all roofing systems.  Looking for real slate or another unconventional product?  Talk to one of our experts today and we will help you determine what roof best fits all of your needs.

Composite roofing manufacturers can offer additional information:                 

EcoStar                                            Quarrix
Enviroshake                                  Inspire