Residential Roofing Resources & FAQ's

We have compiled the following resources to help you better understand the process and to know what you should expect from a professional contractor.  Please contact us with any questions you have or when you are ready for an estimate.

How do I choose a roofing contractor?

A trained and experienced roofing contractor helps you learn about your roofing options and best practices, and takes the time to explain key details of your roofing project. A trustworthy roofing contractor has references readily available, is bonded, and carries insurance which ultimately protects you, the homeowner.  Once you hire a roofing company, a detailed contract is important so you understand exactly what you are getting for your money.

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Do I need to be home to obtain an estimate?

Ledegar Roofing's Residential Roofing Experts prefer to meet with you in person. We need to obtain all of the measurements and inspections to provide you with an adequate estimate from the outside of your home and from performing a thorough attic inspection. We want to give you an accurate and detailed estimate that takes your specific needs in to consideration and allows us to fully explain the details of your roofing project.

How will my home, flowers or landscaping be protected during my roof's construction or repair? What about nails?

We understand construction of any kind can be an inconvenience and intrusion. That is why it is Ledegar's practice to use large, professionally trained crews on each job to get it done quickly and correctly.Property-protection-by-Ledegar-crews.png

Our roofing teams install tarps and plywood around your home, covering your landscaping to protect your investment before we start removing your existing roofing. We remove all roofing debris, clear gutters, and thoroughly clean the grounds and surrounding landscaping. We also use a large magnet to pick up any nails that have fallen to the ground surrounding your home.  Clean up at the end of each and every day is ritual. There will be no need for concern of children or pets coming across scraps or nails.

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Do I need to protect any items inside my house from possible damage?

All roofing work causes some vibration that travels through the framework of your home. We recommend you safeguard fragile items (pictures, knick-knacks) that are not securely mounted to a wall. If you have a concern, take a few minutes to protect any irreplaceable items.

What happens if one of your Ledegar Roofing team members falls or is hurt while working at my home?

All of our roofing team experts are Ledegar Roofing employees. This is important for you to know. Ledegar Roofing carries all employer-related insurances, including worker's compensation, on its employees. Additionally, Ledegar Roofing obtains general liability insurance in the amount of $5M as further protection in the event of an accident causing injuries to one of our team members. View our Certificate of Insurance. Contact us for more information about this coverage or about our OSHA compliance.

Professionalism from Start to Finish

Whether you are in need of commercial, residential or repair services, Ledegar employs the best in the industry. Your first contact will be a consultation with a professional project manager.  All departments contain educated, customer-friendly personnel who are on top of all current industry news and trends. Our goal is to deliver a quality product or service, meeting all of your needs and expectations.

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