Skylights/Solar Tubes

Natural light can be brought into most areas of your home with the installation of skylights or solar tubes.

Ledegar Roofing Company is an authorized installer of Velux® skylights and sun tunnels (solar tubes), the leader in the industry for these products.  With expertise in all roofing systems, we can install these quality products with no worries of leaks.


Most of us want to bring natural light into our homes, the kind of light that light bulbs can't provide.  Velux skylights.jpgWhile improving the functionality of our home, natural sunlight is also proven to improve our health and moods.

Professional, water tight installation is key to making sure this feature doesn't compromise your roof, ceilings and other interior surfaces.

Ledegar Roofing installs the best engineered skylights in the industry with the roofing experience to guarantee against leaks.  Patented flashing kits are designed to be an integral part of your roof, shedding water naturally.

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient

Using natural light reduces energy consumption and costs.  The glass is low maintenance and energy efficient with LowE coating.  LowE conserves energy year round helping to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Options include fixed or fresh air skylights including manual, electric and solar powered products.
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Solar TubesVelux sky tunnel_solar tube.jpg

Solar tubes, or sun tunnels, allow you to bring sunlight into areas of your home that don’t allow for windows or skylights.  Solar tubes bypass all obstacles, using an adaptable reflecting tube to direct daylight into every corner of your home. The effect is brighter and more comfortable living areas.

Choose from options including: 

  • flat or domed surface glass 
  • flexible or rigid tubing
  • decorative ceiling diffusers with multiple styles and finishes

Your Ledegar project manager will explain features and benefits of all the options to help you make the most informed decision.