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Any contractor you hire needs to be fully insured

Selecting a roofing contractor is difficult. One issue you may not consider is insurance. What happens if a roofing contractor is injured while working on your home? If you have a Ledegar roofing expert and team member, you have an insured employee.

Today, some homeowners or business owners may learn the hard way that their roofing contractor wasn't insured for injury, worker's compensation, or liability. Some find their own homeowner's coverage or business liability policies may fall short in compensating an injured contractor if a lawsuit is filed. Ledegar Roofing carries a liability insurance policy to provide protection for injuries that may occur to our employees if they are injured while working on your roof. This protection is over and above the worker's compensation and other insurances carried by Ledegar as their employer.

Our goal is to protect you - not only by installing or maintaining your roof.

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Who is covering your contractor?

Choosing a contractor just because they are the lowest bid may cost you ALOT more in the long run. Be sure to do your homework and hire a reputable company. Chances are, you will be happy you did.

Did you know...St Johns

if you hire a contractor for work on your home or business, and they do not carry their own Liability Insurance, you are completely responsible for any injury they have? If you knew this before you hired them, would you still hire them, even if they were the "cheapest" bid?

Laws are similar in each state.
In Wisconsin: "An "employer" may be liable for Workers' Compensation benefits to employees of contractors or subcontractors either who are not subject to the Workers' Compensation Act, or who have not complied with the Workers' Compensation Act, including for work upon the employers' premises on improvements or fixtures used in the employer's operations."

Meaning, if they don't pay for the insurance, you will be paying for them, if anything should occur on your property while they are doing work that you hired them to do.

How would a serious injury, by an uninsured or underinsured contractor, affect your own insurance coverage?

Why would you take the risk? Ledegar Roofing is fully insured so there is no risk to you, a property owner. They are also OSHA certified, having held a record with no injury claims for close to 6 years!

There is good advice from government and independent sources on what you should look for and know. Before you hire a contractor, here are helpful sites for hiring a contractor in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. If you need more help, give us a call.