Leak Detection and Repair 

If you call the "cheapest" guy to find the leak that is causing your building damage, and it takes them twice as long to find it, are they really the cheapest solution?

Ledegar Roofing's full-time, fully staffed service department has decades of experience in detecting leaks, delivering the right solution, and offering preventative maintenance options to prevent future damage.

Emergency Service 24/7

  • Immediate Response
  • Full time Leak Specialists, ready when you need usCeiling water damage.jpg
  • We can find the leaks that the others can't
  • Courteous, User- Friendly, we work within your company rules
  • Territory within 60 miles of La Crosse and beyond
  • We service many corporate management accounts
  • Fixing leaks since 1908!

What Happens When A Leak Is Not Detected Quickly? 

  • The moisture will migrate to other areas inside the roof, attic and walls, and will contaminate other areas of your building
  • When insulation develops moisture, there will be heat loss.Water soaked rafters.jpg
  • Mold. It will occur when moisture is trapped for long periods of time.
  • Structural damage can occur when a leak is left undetected and unfixed in a timely and correct manner.
  • For your business, if you have to shut down for a period of time due to problems caused by undetected and unrepaired leaks, that may mean a loss of productivity and a loss of money.
  • For your home or business, valuable property can become damaged.

Contact the right company the first time!

Ice Dams and Heavy Snow Can Also Cause Leaks

Winter can bring with it major problems for your home or business if not addressed and repaired correctly. If you have had icicles in the past, give us a call before damages are made worse.